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Mining Container Exhibit

This is a unique opportunity for all whom fabricate and modify shipping containers to function as specialized Mining Containers. The Mining Disrupt Conference has allocated a large section of realestate directly in front of the main enterance of our conference. We will have about 5 slots available for containers to be parked and showcased to the attendies. There will not be any specialty power tap to any of the containers however this is a premium opportunity to securely park, enable access to showcase and allow miners to tour and have hands on with your tech both inside and outside of the containers. Take advantage of your ability to brand your container while having an up-front access to droves of miners and access to the whole miner community. If you wish to present and speak - bundle the "sponsor" option to your container exhibit.

Benefits of Container Showcase

  • Dedicated Drive-in Setup
  • Secure Parking Designation
  • Incredible Branding Capability
  • Up-Front exposure at Enterence
  • Access to Miner Attendies
  • Ability to make deals
  • Optional Speaker via Sponsor
  • Chance to bring more then one container
  • Make long lasting connections
  • Exclusive marketing opportunity
  • Sell your tech
  • Demo your tech

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